• Pitbull Software

    Innovative software solutions
    for Information Security management

  • Pitbull – UAS ®

    Innovative solution designed
    to manage user profiles and passwords

  • Pitbull – VMGMonitor ®

    Innovative solution designed to
    manage virtual machine contingency

  • Pitbull SCC ®

    Innovative solution designed to
    manage application source code


Pitbull VMGMonitor

Helps to optimize server recovery process from a critical flaw in the equipment, making incremental backups of virtual machines variations.


Pitbull SCC

Helps to optimize the source code analysis of critical applications to ensure its correspondence with the software installed in the production environment, also detecting malicious code that may affect the normal operations of the application solution.


Pitbull UAS

Helps to optimize the management of access profiles that the users have in the various organizations systems, automating processes and extracting updated information automatically from systems