Pitbull KeyHolder ®


Session recording and auditing

Every action performed is recorded in the rigorous audit system, which allows not only to analyze the information using predened reports, but allows the user to generate their own reports based on the desired information. All reports can be scheduled for regular shipping.
In case of automatic openings, additionally, a video recording is generated with all the actions performed
by the operator using Remote Desktop or SQL Management Studio, and in the case of using PuTTY, the communication between the workstation and the server or networking device is logged.
In order to facilitate integration with SIEM systems, syslog functionality can be enabled.



Pitbull Keyholder provides a control panel with management, operation, and system administration indicators to simply display of the current state of the application.


Access workflow

In addition to the common permissions to access privileged passwords, a workflow can be established to request additional approval in order to gain access to the privileged account.


Network assets discovery

Through its search engine allows to identify existing privileged users in Company network, and automatically register them in the corresponding repository for an immediate administration and control.


Privileged user grouped in containers for exible management

With containers, privileged users can be dynamically and easily managed. Additionally, alerts can be generated to imm ediately inform of events occurring in the system.


Distributed management, high availability, and maintenance mode

By providing Pitbull Keyholder Active-Active functionality, ensures high availability in management, use and control of privileged users accesses. Also, allowing the installation of various Pitbull Keyholder servers in geographically distant locations, providing local access to each server to avoid bandwidth limitations but accessing all the information.
In a complementary manner, in order to ensure 7×24 access to privileged users, maintenance mode functionality is available to allow the operation even when the application is being updated.


Automatic connection with privileged users

Pitbull Keyholder automatically establishes a connection using the privileged user without installing agents on servers or network equipment, since it uses workstation tools, such as PuTTY, Remote Desktop and SQL Management Studio. It also allows manual connection by displaying the password to authorized applicants.


Access to passwords from services and applications

The applications or services that require privileged account
passwords to operate, can get them safely through Keyholder Pitbull services.