Pitbull SCC ®

Innovative solution designed to manage application source code
Pitbull SCC ® is an innovative software application designed to solve efficiently application source code control with the appropriate compiled files to ensure integrity prior to placing it into production. Providing added value, Pitbull SCC ® allows the analysis of source code to identify if it has a malware that affects the normal functioning of the application. Manages the import of source and compiled files together with the export of analyzed binary files. It has a rigorous traceability allowing an auditor to identify that the compiled files placed in production are the analyzed by SCC Pitbull ®. Through its functionality, promotes compliance with laws, regulations and standards *, on change management procedures.

* Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX), ISO 31000:2009, Basilea II, Solvency II, Margerit ,and regulations established by the Central Bank of Argentina.

Key Benefits

• Comprehensive management of the binaries deployed in production environments. • Increased control over the application source code. • Full traceability of validation process prior to export to production through a workflow. • Contributes to the overall security of software applications.


Process optimization Automating the process of verifying the consistency of application source code with compiled files for .NET, java, php and cobol, using Microsoft SQL Server database or MySQL database. Alignment with best practices for change management procedures. Facilitates certification processes for SOX, PCI, and audits in general.

Monitoring, control and traceability Extensive traceability analysis of source code with its corresponding compiled file, malware scanning, importing, exporting, etc. Detailed identification of exported files to verify that they match with files placed in production environment. Automatic generation of reports and alerts.

Flexibility Ability to identify sensitive data, key tables, critical functions and sensitive commands, among others, to assess its use in each application and to identify possible malicious code. Import, analysis and export of files going to production environment. Storage of source codes and compiled files allowing its analysis and export at any time.

Enhanced security Reduced risk of uncontrolled production changes. User authentication with Active Directory, DUO and OVD. Segregation of duties and permissions within the application to ensure proper management. Different roles for users responsible for applications, administrators, auditors, configurators, change control, etc.



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Server: Windows 2008 or higher Internet Information Server Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or higher


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