Pitbull – UAS ®

Innovative solution designed to manage user profiles and passwords

Pitbull UAS ® helps to optimize the management of access profiles that the users have in the various organizations systems, automating processes and extracting updated information automatically from systems.

Pitbull UAS ® provides a definitive solution to password management and system user access profiles, contributing to a more professional management and reliable IT.
It is an innovative software application designed in a professional, efficient, simple and secure manner to solve users profile management, request for system access, unlocking and changing passwords without having to involve IT staff in the execution of this task.

Pitbull UAS ® facilitates profiles certification / revalidation, obtaining the information automatically from systems and using workflows for access approval.
Manages requests for access to various systems with the creation of forms according to the needs of each organization, through these forms, approvals and execution of orders are managed, recording all activities for auditing purposes.

Allows users to change passwords on the various systems which the user has an account, as well as proceed to unlock it.

Key benefits

• Reduce IT, Security Information and Audit costs
• Increase final users productivity.
• Contributes to general security in IT management.
• Automates the process of verification of profiles that the users have assigned in the various systems.
• Centrally manages all systems access requests together with their authorizations.


Costs reduction
Time reduction in obtaining automatically user profiles from each system of the organization.
Lower costs by reducing calls to the Helpdesk.
Centralized management of all access requests.

Monitoring, control and traceability management
High traceability of access requests in various systems, along with their authorizations and implementation responsible.
Greater control by having audit logs that uniquely identify the responsibility of activities on user accounts.
Automatic generation of reports of the activity carried out on the accounts of end users regarding unlocking and changing passwords.

Designation of responsible for unlocking and changing passwords for dependents user accounts.
User profiles self-unlocking using a personal, non-transferable PIN.
Availability of remote access to password management.
Different roles for responsible users, administrators and auditors.

Process optimization
Automating the process of user profiles revalidation obtaining automatically systems information and requesting corresponding approvals.
Increased end user productivity by eliminating the waiting time until the Helpdesk area will unlock or change the password.
Reduction of Helpdesk incidents.
Alignment with best practices for assigning passwords in corporate environments.

Enhanced security
Trusted authentication of users as Pitbull UAS® being integrated with Windows Active Directory, Radius and / or OVD.
Reduced risk of unauthorized systems access by providing a mechanism for revalidation or certification of user profiles.
Increased security by allowing only certain users to unlock or change the passwords of the people under their area of responsibility.



Pitbull – UAS © has the following documentation available for download:



Microsoft Windows 2003 Server or higher
IIS 6.0 (Internet Information Server 6.0) or higher
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or higher


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