Pitbull VMGMonitor ®

Innovative solution designed to manage virtual machine contingency

Pitbull VMGMonitor ® helps to optimize server recovery process from a critical flaw in the equipment, making incremental backups of virtual machines variations.

Provides an efficient solution to the problem of high availability servers and virtualized services, contributing to a more professional and reliable IT management.

It is an innovative software application designed to address professional, efficient, simple and secure high availability of critical services and virtualized servers.

Automates the generation of snapshots, copying and consolidating them ensuring the proper operation of contingency servers.

It has an alerts module to kept responsible informed about the status of each virtual machine, as well as include a dashboard that provides consolidated information for the state of the application and managed virtual machines.

Key benefits

• Provides high availability for virtualized servers.
• Centralized management console.
• Reduce IT costs.


Costs reduction
Enables to centrally manage the implementation and consolidation of snapshots regardless of the physical location of the servers.
Reduction of service downtime by providing an updated contingency server.

Monitoring, control and traceability management
Status dashboard of each managed virtual machine.
Sends alerts and notifications upon the occurrence of events in the system.
High traceability of all actions performed manually or automatically on the system.

Custom settings for each of the main and contingency servers.
Support of VMVware 4.x and higher.
Separate administration of each contingency and reprocessing if necessary.

High availability
It is an excellent tool to contemplate at the disaster recovery plan (DRP).
Makes more flexible the design of the Company virtualization strategy.
Allows to set optimal values in the basic parameters of a contingency at low costs: RTO (maximum time to recover service without producing a significant impact) and RPO (maximum tolerable data loss).

Enhanced security
Management of users and profiles to access the application.
Secure storage of credentials to access the servers.
Audit trails of activities carried out within the application.



Pitbull – VMGMonitor © has the following documentation available for download:



Ubuntu 10.X version or higher
Tomcat 7 or higher
Java 6 JDK
MySQL 5.X or higher

PITBULL – VMGMonitor ®

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